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What types of mortgages are there? How do linear vs annuity mortgages compare? What costs are involved in taking out a mortgage? What will be discussed during your mortgage consultation? Questions like these are all answered in our whitepaper. 

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"We believe that everyone should have access to quality financial advice. The Dutch mortgage market can be quite confusing, especially for expats. What's the difference between linear and annuity mortgages? How can I obtain a mortgage? Questions like these are all answered in our free whitepaper."

buying a house in the netherlands as an expat

When you are thinking about buying a house in the Netherlands, a lot of questions can arise. Obtaining mortgages in the Netherlands often differs greatly from other countries. Questions that often arrise with expat mortgages are:

  • How much mortgage can I get? Tip: Use our mortgage calculator to discover your maximum mortgage amount!
  • What does the process of buying a house in the Netherlands look like?
  • What types of mortgages are there in the Netherlands?
  • Annuity mortgages, linear mortgages, interesty only mortgages – how do they differ and what is the best choice for me?
  • How does refinancing work? 

Our experts in expat mortgages have analysed the questions that are often asked during their consultations and have compiled an extensive whitepaper especially for you. A great way to prepare for a free consult with one of our advisors!


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