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Are you thinking about buying a house in the Netherlands or refinancing your mortgage? Our experts will help you navigate the Dutch mortgage market and know what strings to pull to help obtain the best mortgage for you. We offer tailored mortgage advice, fully independent, we deliver all important documents with a translated version/reading guide and we make sure that there’s always an interpreter at hand during our meetings. 

Read more about how Brickle works and the process of working with us down below. 

First-time buyers

Buy your dream home

Before you start looking for property, talk to one of our advisors. The advisor will determine your budget, explain the do’s and don’ts and guide you throughout the entire process. This is to make sure you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises along the way.

Step 1: Determine your budget

We advise a free of charge consult with one of our experts before you start looking for a home. This will give you an accurate assessment of the price range that fits your budget and the related monthly mortgage. Then you can act quickly if you find your dream house and start negotiating on price and terms.

Within one week of the appointment, you can expect to receive an indication of your maximum loan, details of the price range you can afford and calculations on gross and net (monthly) expenses with different mortgages and fixed interest periods.  

Step 2: Looking for a property

We work together with Coppelmans Makelaardij to fully support you in the buying process. They will discuss your needs and budget, inform you of available houses, arrange appointments, request relevant information and conduct negotiations for you. They have great experience in dealing with international clients (additional costs apply for this complete service). 

Step 3: Bidding and buying

We will give you a maximum figure with which you can make an offer that is suitable for you.

After placing a bid, you have a statutory right to cancel the contract of sale within three days of signing it, without giving reasons (cooling-off period). A civil-law notary is always involved in the purchase and sale of immovable property. The property buyer is entitled to appoint the civil-law notary of his or her choice. We work together with Helder Notarissen.

Step 4: Preparing your mortgage application

When preparing your mortgage application, we will need the following information:

  • Necessary information about you personally
    • A copy of your passport
    • A copy of your residence permit
  • Necessary informationabout the mortgaged property
    • Copy of the purchase agreement, signed by both parties
    • Original valuation/appraisal report
    • Structural survey report (if required)
  • Necessary information to substantiate your financial position
    • Employer’s statement. A statement made by your employer confirming your annual income based on salary, bonuses and fringe benefits.
    • Salary specification. Your monthly pay slip, which will correspond to the information given in your employer’s statement, and which will also show aspects such as the 30% ruling, expenses, payable taxes, etc.
    • Statements of savings accounts or loans, investment portfolios and property owned outside of the Netherlands.
    • Confirmation of the tax department’s granting of the 30% ruling (if applicable).
Step 5: Taking ownership at the notary's office

You may not transfer the ownership of a house in the Netherlands without engaging a civil-law notary. The civil-law notary is impartial. For more information about the civil-law notary, see Helder Notarissen.

What we as Brickle take care of:

  • We have agreements with the civil-law notary firm concerning the service to our customers, communication in English and the possibility of having an interpreter at hand.
  • We have agreements with interpreters who are familiar with the methods used by the civil-law notary for the transfer of title of real estate.
  • We check the statement of completion of the notary on behalf of our clients.
  • We will be present during the transfer of title procedure and, if necessary, when the (provisional) contract of sale is signed.

What Helder Notarissen takes care of:

  • Drawing up the contract of sale (this can also be done by the estate agent or another party).
  • Drawing up the deed of delivery for the home.
  • Drawing up the mortgage deed.
  • Having details filed with the public registers.
  • Carrying out checks (to establish, for example, whether the vendor is entitled to sell, whether the home is subject to an attachment order, etc.).
  • Attending to the settlement and transfer of funds.
Step 6: You are officially a homeowner - let's stay in touch!

Congratulations! You are now officially a homeowner. If we can help with anything else, we’d love to hear from you. For example, when you would like advice on other financial matters such as insurances; we will be pleased to introduce you to Perrée & Partners. 

Brickle also has a loyalty program for existing clients who refer us to new ones. For more information, please send us an email!

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Already a homeowner?

At Brickle we are also happy to help with further options on your current mortgage. Let’s discuss for example:

  • an additional loan to release equity
  • a loan for renovation
  • a loan to boost sustainability
  • lower loan to value can release a better interest rate
  • refinancing for a better deal
  • discharge of joint and several liabilities (divorce)
  • conversion to a rental mortgage
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Discover your best financing options

Our advisors are happy to discuss your current situation free of charge. Find out what’s the most benificial mortgage arrangement for you. 

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For a calculation of the exact maximum amount you can borrow, more details are needed such as age, type of employment, available own money, other financial obligations, etc. Our advisors will be happy to calculate this amount for you with the appropriate background information from you.

Please schedule a consultation for the purpose of exploring your maximum mortgage capability.

The calculation is only an initial indication of the maximum amount you could potentially borrow based on the income information you entered and a current 10-year fixed interest rate. No rights can be derived from this calculation and therefore does not constitute an offer or advice to buy or modify a product.