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Looking to buy your dream home in the Netherlands? At Brickle, we believe that everyone should have access to quality financial advice, including expats. Our goal is to provide all expats with comprehensive and personalized mortgage advice through our easy-to-use interpreters. 

During your first consult, your personal advisor will discuss your current financial situation.
Based on this, they will take you through all financing possibilities and will find you a mortgage provider that suits your situation best. Schedule an appointment for a no-obligation consult with one of our experts now!

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For a calculation of the exact maximum amount you can borrow, more details are needed such as age, type of employment, available own money, other financial obligations, etc. Our advisors will be happy to calculate this amount for you with the appropriate background information from you.

Please schedule a consultation for the purpose of exploring your maximum mortgage capability.

The calculation is only an initial indication of the maximum amount you could potentially borrow based on the income information you entered and a current 10-year fixed interest rate. No rights can be derived from this calculation and therefore does not constitute an offer or advice to buy or modify a product.