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What extra costs are there when buying a home as an expat?

When buying a home, there are additional costs – next to the purchase value – that apply in the Netherlands. These additional costs are not financed, they always have to be paid out of your own pocket. 

Transparency of costs is highly valued at Brickle. Therefore, we have created a simple overview of the costs that are involved for our services. This way, you will know in one glance where you stand financially. 

Costs can differ, however, based on your specific situation. It is always advised to have a sit down with one of our advisors to receive a precise overview of the costs. 

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Real Estate Agent

To help you find your dream home, you can hire our real estate agent. They will search the market for you, assist you during viewings and help negotiate a fair price. This will not only make the buying process easier for you, but will most likely reduce the purchase price as well.

Costs for full-service guidance through the whole purchase process vary between €2.500 and €3.500 euros. 

Brickle Mortgages

Our specialists help you navigate the extensive Dutch mortgage market in an accessible manner. They are specialized in arranging the best mortgages for expats, while accompanied with an interpreter to explain all financial matters in your own language. Get the highest mortgage amount with your income. 

Costs for first-time buyers start at €2.950,
costs for other buyers start at €3.295.


The property will need to be legally signed over to you with a deed of conveyance, and a mortgage deed needs to be signed when officially purchasing the house. For this, you will need a notary. They will officiate all documents and make sure that you’re registered in the municipal registry. 

Depending on the number of documents that need to be officiated, costs vary between €1.600 and €2.000.

Interpreting services

Buying a house comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s an extensive process in which a lot of complicated matters need to be discussed and arranged. To ease this process, we can facilitate you with an interpreter at any moment. With this, we can ensure that you are not left with any questions during this important moment. 

If you want to use our interpreting services, the hourly rate of our interpreters averages on €90.  

our services

Secure your future with our full service mortgage advice.

Our experts are here to not only take care of your mortgage, but to arrange all aspects of the mortgage for you. Every step of the way, they are with you and there to answer any questions you might have. They help you choose the right mortgage, the one that is the most financially advantageous for your situation. Furthermore, we reduce your out-of-pocket costs and ensure that you are able to buy the house of your dreams.

And all of this is possible in your own language. We make sure that there’s always an interpreter at hand during our meetings and deliver all important documents with a reading guide.

The first meeting is always free of charge. Are you ready to buy your dream home?

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All of our specialized advisors use English as their working language. In addition to this, we offer reading manuals which explain the contents of all important documents (i.e. mortgage contract, preliminary purchase agreement) in your own language. 

If you feel like you need extra guidance in your own language, we have interpreters available that you can hire at all times. They will happily accompany you at all meetings, to help you fully understand all materials. 

Hiring our real estate agent and notary is not mandatory to make use of our mortgage broker services. However, we have started collaborations with these parties, because they are specialized in providing services to expats in the Netherlands. Therefore, we would recommend making use of their services, to make your journey to your dream home as easy as possible. 

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If you are buying your first home, and you are between 18 and 35 years of age, and the property price is below €440.000, then you do not have to pay any transfer tax. Is this not your first home? Are you over 35 years old? Is the property price higher than €440.000? Than the transfer tax is 2% of the property value. 

When getting a mortgage to finance a house, every bank or lender requires an official appraisal report. We have several appraisers in our network that can help you with an honest value appraisal. 

If you want to reduce the risk of residual debt, you can make use of the National Mortgage Guarantee. This provides you and your lender a safety net for when you run into problems meeting your payments. In return for reducing risks, this will cost you 0.6% of the mortgage amount, for mortgages that are less than €405.000 euros. Our advisors will explain this extensively and will help you arrange the National Mortgage Guarantee when needed. 

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For a calculation of the exact maximum amount you can borrow, more details are needed such as age, type of employment, available own money, other financial obligations, etc. Our advisors will be happy to calculate this amount for you with the appropriate background information from you.

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The calculation is only an initial indication of the maximum amount you could potentially borrow based on the income information you entered and a current 10-year fixed interest rate. No rights can be derived from this calculation and therefore does not constitute an offer or advice to buy or modify a product.