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Brickle Mortgages: Our story

At Perrée & Partners, we realized we could do better to serve internationals moving to Eindhoven and surroundings. Therefore, we wanted to start an initiative that focuses solely on mortgages for expats. This marks the beginning of Brickle. 

With a wealth of personal finance experience behind us, we saw the need for a more personal approach that thoughtfully considers its clients’ goals, families, and futures. In a nutshell: mortgages made simple, in your own language.

Meet our advisors

Mortgage Broker Tim Verhallen Brickle Mortgages for expats

Tim verhallen

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Niels Peters Brickle Mortgages

Niels peters

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Mike Beijerbracht Brickle Mortgages

Mike Beijerbracht

Mortgage Broker

Leen Winter

Mortgage Broker

Case Manager Jarne Koomen Brickle Mortgages

Jarne Koomen

Case Manager

Case Manager Marliz Twaalfhoven Brickle Mortgages

Marliz Twaalfhoven

Case Manager

Meet our partners

Brickle Mortgages Coppelmans Makelaardij

Coppelmans Makelaardij

Coppelmans Makelaardij is a real estate agency located in Eindhoven. We work together with Coppelmans Makelaardij to fully support you in the buying process. They will discuss your needs and budget, inform you of available houses, arrange appointments, request relevant information and conduct negotiations for you. They are highly experienced in dealing with international clients and pride themselves on their personal full-service approach.

Brickle Mortgages Coppelmans Makelaardij

HELDER / notarissen

HELDER / notarissen is a modern notary firm with an open culture and a personal approach. They have consciously chosen to keep their organization small. In this way, they can facilitate all their clients with a swift yet personal approach. All their cases are handled practically, efficiently and quickly. A proactive and flexible partner with heaps of expertise in the expat area.

Brickle Mortgages HELDER Notarissen
Brickle Mortgages Interlect Groep


Interlect Groep is a translation and interpreting agency in Eindhoven. They support companies with breaching language and culture barriers. Our partnership with their interpreters helps us make our services fully accessible, regardless of your fluency in English. In this way, we can ensure that everyone has access to quality mortgage advice no matter the language barriers. 

Dutch Academy Eindhoven

Moving to the Netherlands is a life changing experience, there’s no doubt. Whether it is for long a staying, business reasons, or to make it your new home, learning the Dutch language at Dutch Academy Eindhoven is certainly the best choice. They offer a dynamic and distinctive teaching approach, led by experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

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The calculation is only an initial indication of the maximum amount you could potentially borrow based on the income information you entered and a current 10-year fixed interest rate. No rights can be derived from this calculation and therefore does not constitute an offer or advice to buy or modify a product.